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RG 3

March 10, 2012

Well fellas, look, we “Skins” managed our draft so well last year that we wound up with 4 extra picks. All of which made the team. That is a year and a half of bodies in one draft. Jarvis Jenkins and Leonard Hankerson were steals in the second and third rounds both of whom had freak injuries but were on their way to being starters. Hankerson at WR a much needed position, and Jenkins on a already solid D-line. Those two alone will represent our 2nd round this year and 1st round next year. With 46 million under the cap this year that we do not have to spend on a free agent QB and can carry over unspent cap this year to next year, getting our Franchise QB now is a no brainer. Not to mention that Robert Griffin III smartest young man, at the most important position in all of football is “God Sent”. Thank You Mr. Synder, Mr. Allen, and Coach Shanahan. Mostly you Coach, for stakeing your Rep on Rex and John. Shrude move that put us in this position.


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